Wednesday, August 1, 2007

OverDue Haircuts

Are haircuts an issue in other families??? Anyone who knows us knows that Ward and I have different ideas about how the boys should keep their hair - I say a little longer while they are little - while he goes for the near buzz cuts. We have worked it out - he keeps Gage's hair short while I keep Davis' hair longer. But it was about time for a little trim so we headed to our favorite place "Doolittle's" haircuts for children then lunch at Dean and Deluca (a little something for mom & dad too). Here are a few before and after pictures. The last picture was taken of Gage and I by Davis. He enjoys playing with my camera - it is always nice to have a picture or two of the carpet, wall and our knees but every now and then her actually gets people.



Gage and Mommy
Taken by Davis