Monday, December 13, 2010

Things I never thought I would say...

There are days when something comes out of my mouth and I think "Did I really just say that??". I am not talking about the "foot in my mouth kinda things". Those never surprise me anymore, it is after all my nature to open mouth insert foot. (Don't laugh you probably do it too). But I am talking about the mom things I say. The short list being...

"How many times are you going to ride your brother today" or
"Honesty if you are going to poot at the table please do it under the table" or
"Who left this in the toilet and what is it" or
"When you grow up and leave home will you blow your nose with a tissue?" or
"The dog is not a toy" or
"No, I do not want to smell that" or
"Did you seriously think you could ride that? or
"Do not stick that in his nose while he is trying to sleep"
"No you can not write on his bumm"
and my very favorite.

"The toilet brush is not a sword!"

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