Monday, December 27, 2010

Mustang Sally or rather Mustang Tru!

We celebrated Truman's 3rd birthday last week. Poor guy, a birthday so close to Christmas you almost always get slighted. The last 2 years he really had no clue it was his birthday. But this year it hit him. He started to talk about his birthday a week or so before hand. His favorite song, aside from Boom Boom Pow is Happy Birthday. Seriously, we have it on a CD from a friend's party and he ask to hear it over and over. The closer we got to his birthday he began signing "Happy Birthday Truman". Downright adorable to his parents, and rather annoying to his middle brother.

Truman is obsessed with cars. Anything and everything cars. He almost always carries one in his hand, sometimes 2 or 4. (which means he is always dropping one somewhere) But he can also pick our corvettes and mustangs while driving down the road. His favorite being the convertible mustang, like his daddy's. He was quite surprised to receive his own. And spent most of the afternoon driving his brothers around.

To celebrate his birthday, we headed to the local botanical gardens to see the Christmas lights and take a carriage ride. It was a beautiful night. The boys enjoyed acting like gangsters for the evening. Why? I am not really sure, but then why do boys do half the things they do???

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