Friday, October 8, 2010

Family Camp

The Zip-Line lake at sunset

Davis takes a swing


A few weekends ago we headed to family camp in Eastern North Carolina. Well 4 of us did - Truman had his own camp at Grandmas house. The boys took Friday off from school and we left early morning for the 6 hour drive to Camp Seafarer in Arapahoe, NC. The camp is located on the Neuse River. It is known for it's boating and is the sister camp to Camp Seagull where both Gage and Davis will go next June for their first spend the night camp. Knowing that they would be spending a week at Seagull we wanted to check it out and see what it was like. And it was pretty amazing. We were too busy to take many pictures. But sailed, motor boated, swam, archery, bb guns, golf and much more. Davis' big event was the zip line!! I was so proud of him! Great time at a great camp!

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