Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bobcats With Dad

For Christmas Davis received tickets to a Charlotte Bobcats game. When it came time for the game, Davis pulled out his MSU basketball uniform and offered his ESPN jersey to Gage! Truman was sick so I stayed behind at home - I really hated to miss his first pro basketball game. And Ward pulled the longest straw so he got to go!

The fan giveaway that night was the "toe-boggan" you can see my handsome boys wearing! After a yummy dinner of hot dogs and fries the boys headed to their seats. They were pleased to find out that they had the entire suite to themselves. I guess so they could burp and tell gassy boys jokes without anyone around to hear them. Plus they were able to try out each of the dozen different seats and the private bathroom multiple times.

Gage was in charge of the camera for most of the game. So if anyone would be interested in 78 pictures of the band from Johnson C Smith University I'd be happy to email them to you. Or some pictures of the backboard, half court line, fans kissing on the big screen... you get my drift. At some point in the game Gage asked Ward why the cheerleaders were always half neked. Wonder if he realized there was a basketball game going on? Davis on the other hand watched the players, committing the action to memory in hopes to mimic some of their moves at his basketball game later that week.

Late in the evening 3 sleepy-eyed boys wondered in - "toe boggans" securely on and gave me the play by play of the game.

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