Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Living with "Mo" happens to be MY 300th Post

Poor Truman - being the 3rd born he is slighted in so many ways. His older brothers tend to dictate the games that are played, the movies that are watched. He has been robbed of his toddler years. He went from a baby to a 4 year old overnight. But this year when school started for the older boys Truman was given the opportunity to get a taste of toddlerhood. ELMO!! We started watching Sesame Street and quickly the love affair began. It was "Mo" this and "Mo" that. Mo, Mo, Mo.... We were "Mo" for halloween and when Truman wasn't wearing the costume he wanted to carry it around, even willing to dump the matchbox car that is normally attached to his hand. Ward and I were kicking ourselves for getting rid of all those action elmos that Grandpa George had given Gage and Davis.

But right before Halloween Truman's dreams came true. A friend gave him his own Elmo. I can not even begin to tell you all the places "Mo" goes with us.
To Mom's Morning out 2 days a week
To lunch with friends (even needing a high chair)
To take the boys to school each morning
Mo eats dinner at the table with us at night - he is a chicken nugget kinda guy.
Mo sleeps in the crib - gotta watch the hard plastic killer eyes - they can be weapons.
Lucky for us he stayed in the car for trick or treating.

Did I mention "Mo" is bigger that Tru? I am just thrilled he has a little bit of Toddle Time left in him.

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