Monday, November 2, 2009

Fashions for your Post Candy Hang-Over Halloween Pleasure.

To begin with a little back story. Whenever something new clothing wise is purchased Ward always ask if there will be a "fashion show tonight?". He thinks it is incredibly fun to put on your new clothing a strut. (Maybe he likes to relive his JC Penny modeling days). So not long after the boys Halloween costumes were chosen Ward mentioned a fashion show to the boys.

We cranked up the music, I was the master of ceramonies and the boys did the stray cats strut around our den.

Some choose to dance their way into the room.

Some choose to look head on into the camera, in hopes of making the front cover of People.

Some are just really way too cool for the fashion show...

While others get groovin as soon as the music begins and do not stop, even once it ends.

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