Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sitting in a tree KISSING

We are heading to see my cousin Drey get married this weekend. Davis has been obsessed with Drey getting married and the fact that he will have to kiss Jenny - Drey that is not Davis, but I digress. I of course am worried that Davis will pipe-up and yell out something during that kiss - should make a note to myself to take a few extra kleenex for mouth stuffing. Davis', not Drey's, Jenny would not like that too much. Again, I digress...

We have been watching our wedding video to get the boys ready for what will happen and how still they have to sit. So of course it got me thinking about my wedding day. Like Davis, I think I put too much emphasis on the kiss - how was I going to turn my head, was he going to place his hand on my cheek just so, how long did we hold the kiss for, how into it do you get (aside from the fact that a few dozen people are watching and we don't want anyone to scream "get a room" which we had, but that was for later). I have to say that as I look back on that day the things I worried the most about like the "kiss" are things I do not remember.

Instead I remember how wonderful and fragrant my flowers smelled, that fact that the fire that was crackling in the fireplace (which served as our backdrop) roared as my father and I walked down the aisle and at that point in time I thought of my mother. I remember how itchy my hair was. I remember the harpist playing the Lords Prayer for what seemed forever and thinking that all of Wards groomsmen were going to fall over. And I remember dancing with my father and doing the YMCA with the bridal party as all of our very conservative extended family members looked on. I am sure they were thinking dancing??? what next champagne??? No, we saved that for our hotel room!

Anyway, my hope is that Drey and his wife to be, Jenny have a stress-free, worry -free wedding and that they remember the good details. And while Davis may be stressed about the first kiss Jenny and Drey will share as Mr & Mrs Drey Cooley - I hope they won't be because trust me, 11 years later Ward and I have shared far better kisses than that one on March 14th of 1998! And I will leave with that because Drey would say it was TMI!

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