Monday, June 8, 2009

Family Friends

My mom had many sayings - most of which I am sure she picked up from someone somewhere - but to me they were original to her. One that sticks out in my mind this week is "happysad". I have been "happysad" since Aunt Tina and Uncle Scott told us they were moving to orange country aka Knoxville, TN. Happy for them because they have been afforded another job opportunity. Sad because they will not be "just right down the road". I have said before that when you live in a town with no family your friends become family and although the Callicutt's were family before they moved to Gastonia they became close family while living in the same time. We shared Thanksgivings, Christmas, Easters, 4th of Julys and many other non-holiday events. Aside from us Scott was the first to hold Davis after he was born and the first to see Tru as he was taken to the NICU after birth. And again aside from us, Tina was the first to hold Truman while he was hanging out in the NICU. And while they will only be 4 hours away and we will still share holidays there will be a hole with them not being "just right down the road".

Last weekend we had a little farewell but not goodbye pool party. It was a time to celebrate their future (hopefully they will not turn into Vols fans, they have sworn they won't). We will miss they terribly but look forward to many visits down I-40.

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