Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Geocache it is a big hit

We have started a new little hobby that has been around for some time now, we are sometimes slow on the uptake. Geocaching. It has proven to be a lot of fun. Here are a few pictures from our first finds. Check out for details. I use the GroundSpeak App on my iphone as a GPS which is pretty easy.

The boys prefer the ones where you find a prize. They like the take a prize and leave a prize idea. Today we went to the country club and found a great cache. We took a pair of dice and left a medal (we will take the dice to the next cache). The other cache that we found today (thanks to our Cupp friends) was a log only cache. So we logged our names, took a picture and moved on. Who knew that within our little area there are over 800 of the 807,000 caches worldwide. The boys are ready for a summer of treasure hunting, not just around Gastonia but on some of our trips as well!

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