Friday, July 18, 2008

Happy 1/2 Birthday Baby D

Posting a little late, but hey. Last week we celebrated Davis 1/2 birthday. He turned 3 1/2 and enjoyed his favorite dinner (Chicken and Fries, which he eats every night) and a little 1/2 Birthday cake! This has really turned into one of our favorite family traditions. The 1/2 birthday child gets to pick what they would like for dinner and we celebrate with a little cake. But really, do you need an excuse to celebrate with cake? Uh,NO! We are always looking for a reason to have cake. We even have a Birthday cake at Christmas for Jesus. Let me just say, I get a large number of disapproving looks when I am pushing my cart on Christmas Eve in the grocery with a Spiderman Cake that says "Happy Birthday Jesus".... Here in the South I guess that is sacrilegious. But we love to celebrate with cake and would be happy if you'd join us.
Happy 1/2 Birthday Davis!

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