Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fireworks and Friends Galore

What a wonderful 4th of July weekend we had. We spent the entire 3 day weekend celebrating with friends and fireworks.

We started off by heading to a Grizzly baseball game on Thursday night. This is a baseball league made up of college aged kids, faces we are sure to see in the minors soon. The boys had a blast running up and down in front of the stands, hanging out by the dugout (no wait that was me at the dugout, hahah). There was a fantastic fireworks display after the game and then the boys got to run the bases and get players autographs. It was a late night but such a blast.

Chizzel videos the crowd with Davis at his heels.

Seth, Grace & Davis show off their tats!

The Ginthers

The Stroupes and The Robinsons with Tru

Me, Tru, Grace & Davis

Max & Gage enjoy some messy ice cream

We spent 4th of July at the pool playing with friends and then headed to the Callicutts for dinner and fireworks. It was fun to see my husband with 2 of his buddies running around setting off (illegal) fireworks. I say illegal because our state does not allow personal fireworks aside from smoke bombs and sparklers. But our neighbor state is only 10 miles away so we make a run there to purchase. I get a kick out of my rule follower hubby breakin' the law!

We only had one mishap this year. A roman candle that shot out at us rather than into the sky. But everyone took cover and it put a new slant on the roman candle.

All red-eyed
Gage, Davis & David

Tina and Baby D

Crazy D

Cheap sparklers or rather "smokers"

Ashley looking adorable

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