Saturday, May 26, 2007

Race Week In Charlotte

You may or may not know that for 10 straight days the race world comes to charlotte. Everyone in the Adcock household has a favorite Nascar driver. Gage, Davis and I of course support Smoke ( aka Tony Stewart). Ward on the other hand supports a driver that will not be named on our blog!!! Anyway, we all headed out to Lowes MotorSpeedway Thursday night to see the guys qualify. It was a fun night. Davis clapped and clapped whenever everyone else did. He even began pointing to the right (a common tradition at races, so that the driver knows which way to go on the track). What proud a proud mother I am! We all (minus Ward) stood and cheered when Smoke took the track! He took it easy - knowing that Sunday will be the day for him to SHINE. Ward and I head to the race Sunday and as always I am looking forward to a redneck kinda day. (Although Gage defines redneck as being shirtless, so on second thought......)