Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A night of a lifetime

Smoke Before The Race


Bobby Labonte

Standing with Smoke on Pit Road

Ryan Newman

Mark Martin

Heather and Waltrip

Ward and Gordon

Ward and Carl Edwards

Walking with SMOKE

Some of you may or may not know my LOVE for Nascar, mostly my LOVE for Tony Stewart. Well I was given the chance to meet Tony Sunday night at the Coca Cola 600. It was an unbelievable night, we really rubbed elbows with Nascar. We spent the entire race in the pits and in the garage. I could never put into words what it was like. These are just a few of the pictures. Saw so many other people too. Tony was my favorite, we walked from his hauler to pit road together while he signed my #20 car. Dale Jr. signed a hat for us, I had to run along side he walks so fast. Ward met Jeff and Carl Edwards 2 of his favorites. Waltrip was as nice so nice, taking a picture with me, while I wore my #20 hat. Upclose and personal does not even touch it... It is a night I will never forget.