Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Bouncy Paradise

Today Davis, Gage and I met our dear friends the Van Meters and the Anthony's at Monkey Joes. It is the really great indoor bouncy playground for children and adults alike. The children took off running before we could even get in the door. A little Heaven on earth for them. My youngest monkey Davis got in the big big kids obstacle course bouncer and scaled a 6 foot plus wall without missing a beat. But once he got to the top an saw that he would have to slide down the huge steep slide he was trying to go back down the rock wall side. Lucky Aunt Anne-Bee took over and helped him slide down. This place was a blast and we look forward to spending some of our hot summer days there. Best of all I had two great nappers afterwards. The group picture includes Gage, Davis, Maddie, Ethan, Kathryn, Anne-Bee, Annie and myself.