Saturday, March 17, 2007

Birds of a Feather

While I do not have a picture of the pair today we had the enjoyment of lunching with 2 Carolina Wrens. Ward came home for lunch and we keep seeing this white/brown sticky substance on the kitchen floor - thinking we had mice (they have been known to pass thru) I continue to wipe it up and disinfect. But a few minutes later we hear this loud chirping noise. As the boys are freaking out and r hiding under the table Ward and I venture up to the playroom and amid a blank load of bird poop we spy two wrens freaking out. They must have come in thru the open window or they knew our house is for sale and they stopped in for a peep! 30 minutes later I am still on hold with Animal Control (thank goodness I was not reporting a rabid animal) Ward is running around the room trying to throw a blanket over the birds - finally they fly out the window leaving us in stitches with a ton of poop to clean up!