Friday, June 17, 2011


As in Thank Goodness It's Get My Kids From Camp Day!

The week has flown by! I am shocked. As I sit here snuggled with Truman in the hotel bed watching Elmo I hate to tell him that in a few hours his week as an only child will be over. I know he has really enjoyed having 100% of our attention. But I think he has really liked having control over the remote as well as all the toys. Sure he has missed "Bro-durs", but it has mainly been at bedtime. All three of the boys share our bonus room as a bedroom and this week bedtime has been particularly quiet and lonely for him.

One of the highlights for Ward and I this week besides the letters (We got a few more from Gage yesterday that included the actual sharks teeth he had found and of course information about the food he has been eating - burgers and chips!!) has been the pictures of "camp life" that bunk1 post. I have loved that Gage is shirtless in most of his pictures with his hair wild and crazy. I love that Davis is being "Davis" his vibrant personality shows in his pictures which tells me he is having a blast and enjoying himself!

My friends keep asking if I have missed my boys - and I have - it's been a learning curve for me and I have found comfort in keeping busy! I am ready to get them back and hear all their stories. I am sure we will cover a few over our 6 plus hour drive home today.

And I am sure that within a few hours they will begin fighting and I will be dreaming of the quiet times I had while they were at camp. And tonight when I am pulling sharks teeth out of their pockets, making them brush their teeth for the 1st time in a week, and trying to see if there are any clothes that can be salvaged I will hear the giggles of 3 "bro-durs' sharing a room and I will know that I will be thankful they are all under my roof once again!

Future Seaguller!

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