Saturday, June 18, 2011

Eat My Bubbles

Summer swim team is here! I enjoy the laid back fun of summer swim! Again this year Davis' meets are at a different time than Gage's. The 6U meets are so funny! I love watching the little ones swim down the pool by grabbing the lanes and pulling themselves down. They are always so thrilled by the time they make it to the end of their 25M.

Davis has really enjoyed these last few Saturday meets. He likes to compete. And he likes to win. But he also likes to stop and see where the other swimmers are in the pool, which isn't so good! I think he is learning though that stopping equals losing time. Sometimes I think Davis believes he is Superman, he likes to get a running start off the wood block.

I love to watch him "prepare" for his swim while he is on the block. He does some little jig that cracks me up!! He swam his little heart out today. Pushed as hard as he could, even after a week of camp and notsamuch sleep he was able to improve his time in all 4 of his events. Which is all a proud mamma can ask for!

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