Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Where Oh Where Have We Been

Summer is a busy time of year for our household. We spend a lot of our time at the pool. Gage is diving on the diving board, learning to do cannon balls and pencil dives. He is working his hardest to touch the bottom of the deep-end (10ft). Davis just floats around in his life vest with a gaggle of girls (age 8-12) right behind him waiting to see what his next need might be. I do need to capture that on film. But in between pool hours we have had great adventures.

Friday morning we met a few friends at the library for a magic show - here is Davis and his buddy Seth. Davis dressed himself as you can see.

Friday night we took the boys to a Gaston Grizzly baseball game. It is a summer league for all college age boys. Everyone had the best time. We met "Striker" and while we did leave at the bottom of the 8th - we got to see the other teams coach ejected from the game. A perfect time for a little lesson in sportsman like conduct!

A concert in the park help celebrate saturday night. A great picnic dinner and bluegrass - while the music wasn't really mainstream or any stream I have ever heard - the kids had a great time running and eating lots of sugar. Apple is just one of the cutest 1 year olds I have ever seen. Davis loves to say her name over and over. While Apple is not really her name it is the only thing her older sister Allison will allow you to call her. Apple is in the stroller. On the log we have Gage, Allison, Jack and Davis.

Last but not least, we celebrated Ward and Father's Day after church on Sunday. It was a hard day - we talked a lot about Pop-Pop and Grandpa George. And at the end of the day we know no matter where your father is as long as he is in your heart he is near....