Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Venture to Mexico

It has been over a month since I have ventured over here. I could always blame it on the holidays. With so much going on it dropped to the bottom of my "to do" list. I'd make it my New Years resolution to update more, but why set myself up to fail the first 2 weeks in january??

On December 1st we packed up the entire family and headed out on a jet plane, passport in hand (5 passports in mama's hands actually) destination the Mayan Rivera in Mexico.

I have to say how proud I am of all 3 boys. They were well behaved and wonderful travelers. When we boarded the plane people were rolling their eyes, one lady even asked to move to the back of the plane when she saw the 3 boys were seated near her. I laughed, I use to be one of those travelers. But Truman was asleep before the seat belt sign was turned off while Gage and Davis played their DS games and watched movies. Within 3 hours we touched down in Cancun and those around us were commenting how well behaved the boys were. We were off the plane and grabbing our luggage before the lady that asked to move had even made her way off.

We had hired a van to drive us an hour south of Cancun to the Fairmont Mayakoba. To say that it was beautiful would not do it justice. It was an amazing hotel. We stepped off the van and the staff welcomed the boys with cool fragrant clothes to freshen their faces and a glass of yummy ice tea. At that point Gage thought he had stepped into heaven. Please excuse the sometimes blurry pictures. I only took our underwater camera.

one of the pool bars

the grounds - the hotel rooms were hidden across the resort

On the 2nd day of the vacation Gage told Ward that it was the BEST family vacation he had ever been on. I have to agree, we had a wonderful time. I would say that Disney to me might be the best. But Disney is different, you are always busy and it is a different kind of fun. In Mexico we did nothing but play at the pool, eat, play at the pool, eat, play at the pool, eat.... you get my drift.

Another reason we had such a wonderful time was because we met some wonderful people. Check out Sonya's blog for her pictures and recap. www.taketimetoplay.blogspot.com/2009/12/ole-ole-ole-amigos.html

Cooper and Quinn are from Minnesota. Their dad was at the same conference Ward attended. It was so refreshing to be able to sit and chat with Sonya. It is always nice when you have someone to talk with that understands what it is like to have a spouse with the "on call" way of life. Sonya's a southern girl that lives deep in snow right now. We are both bloggers and can you believe neither one of us got a picture together?? Anyway, I am thankful to have met them. Our children had a blast playing together while she and I lounged. We have already talked about meeting up again somewhere warm next year.

love this picture -

part two up next

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