Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Snow Daz = Mass sledding frenzy!

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When I was younger (in the 1980's younger), and lived in Summerville, SC we had a pool in our backyard. That made my house the house to hang out at in the middle of the summer. I loved it because I did not attend school with any of the kids in my neighborhood and no one I went to school with lived in my 'hood. So these summer "daz" gave me a chance to play and bond with friends I only saw on weekends during the school year.

Flash Forward to 2010
My boys get so excited when the forecast calls for snow- because that is the one time we have the house to hang at, for sure. (I only added "for sure" because of the rule you can't end a sentence in "at".) We happen to have the best hill (read driveway) in all of Colony Woods. Maybe even the best hill east of Gaston Day School Rd!!! I think part of it is because where our driveway ends the road begins a road which plummets into another breathtaking hill soooo I'm just sayin'.

Friday the flakes began to fall and before they even had a chance to think about sticking Gage and Davis were planning the Adcock Hill. And of course in true Adcock fashion we began retelling stories of past years on the hill. We talked about items that we had used to sled on before - yoga mats, trash can lids, pool floats, cardboard boxes - yes a little of everything has gone down the hill. But a few years ago we purchased disk sleds for $3.99 that have been the best sleds by far - This year we purchased 2 nicer double sleds and the boys could not wait to take the new ones out for a spin. As we headed to bed we talked of who might show up to sled and who was going to get the first run. I don't think any of us got much sleep that night. Ward and I both woke up through out the night sneaking peaks out the window to see if the snow at stuck to the "hill".

Bright and early saturday am we bundled up in our southern style sledding attire (which consist of jeans under sweatpants, long sleeve t-shirts under sweatshirts with another sweatshirt then scarf, jacket, gloves, multiple hats and socks covered by rain boots) . My dryer ran all day as I vowed to purchase ski bibs and ski gloves before the next snow fall (which is predicted for this weekend).

Children of all ages - some we have never seen before - showed up to try and conquer the Adcock Hill! And by sundown we were frozen, wet, and beyond worn out! With memories to last us until the next snow fall (Which I will just say I'd be fine with if it didn't happen until 2011)

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